St Anne’s Catholic School and Sixth Form College and St George Catholic College

New Leadership at the 

Top Two Schools in the City

This September sees the start of a new leadership structure at the two highest performing schools in Southampton, St Anne’s Catholic School and Sixth Form College and St George Catholic College. Lyn Bourne, the newly appointed Executive Headteacher of both schools said “This term we are launching an exciting new style of school leadership for the two Catholic secondary schools in Southampton. I will be responsible for the strategic leadership of both schools, working in partnership with two newly appointed Heads of School; James Rouse, at St Anne’s and James Habberley at St George who will be responsible for the day to day leadership of each school.”

This new structure has already proved beneficial to the development of staff in both schools providing additional leadership opportunities and retaining high quality teaching staff. “The sharing of ideas and successful strategies between the two schools has already had an impact on our plans for the year ahead.  

There is real potential for both schools to achieve even higher standards in future,” said James Rouse, Head of School at St Anne’s Catholic School and Sixth Form College.
Both schools have been extremely successful this year, achieving outstanding results and recruiting high numbers to the sixth form at St Anne’s as a result. “We are both extremely pleased with our results, ranking as the two highest achieving schools in the city. We are looking forward to consolidating these achievements and developing even more effective strategies to improve outcomes for our students,” said James Habberley, Head of School at St George Catholic College.

The new leadership structure has been developed by the Governors of both schools, with the support of the La Sainte Union Trustees of St Anne’s and the Catholic Diocese of Portsmouth. Parents and pupils were informed about the plans last term, and have already seen the potential benefits of this new way of working.
Lyn Bourne added; “Being responsible for the development of both of these amazing schools is a real privilege. I am looking forward to getting to know the whole community of St George Catholic College and to working with both Heads of School to find ways to build on the outstanding success of each school, strengthening the quality of the education we provide to young people in Southampton.”